Hi there! I was wondering what kind of binoculars you use? I bought my first pair this summer (Eagle Optics Shrike 8×42) and I’m more or less satisfied with them since they’re a huge improvement over my compact ones that broke earlier but they’re a bit heavy so it’s hard to observe behavior for long periods of time without my arms getting tired. I’m going to be using these for as long as I can but if you could recommend an upgrade, that’d be awesome! Also, congrats on the Solitary Sandpiper!

Hi! My binoculars (which I bought earlier this year after my Bushnell BirdLife 8x42s were retired after 15 years) are Carson Optical XM 8×42. Here’s a link to my blog entry about them.

My Carson Optical XM 8×42 bins.

These are my first in-line bins. It’s a little odd since they are longer than my Bushnells are, but with a harness they aren’t too heavy.

I suggest getting the most expensive ones you can afford, from a “reputable” brand. The optics quality matters a lot. Good quality and coated lenses can help with eye fatigue and headaches. Also try for the widest field of view you can get. I use 8×42 because 10xanythings are just too heavy for me and the 42 objective size gives me a decent field of view.

Hope this helps! Thanks for following my blog.

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