2013 Species Count Audit – 138 // Correction

So far this year I have “officially” sighted 138 bird species.

In my last post I mentioned seeing a Lesser Yellowlegs near the weir at Turkey Creek Sanctuary. Upon further research it turns out that bird was a Solitary Sandpiper. Either one would have been a first for this year, so the count stays the same. I don’t feel too bad about the misidentification, as the two species are often listed as “similar” or “confusing” in field guides.

I regret I am unable to definitively say what warbler I saw toward the start of my morning. I conferred with fellow birders and did further research in my guides and online, but I can’t quite say for sure what I saw. I am leaning toward a Canada Warbler, but officially I will not count this bird this year (or for my life list).

 photo solitary-sandpiper-mud.jpg
Solitary Sandpiper

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