Workplace birding

With work being as it has been, I’ve not had much opportunity to check out the bird life around me. Luckily, with the landscaping and proximity to some nicely forested (if, at times ATV infested) woods, I can catch a few neat-o sightings on my way into the building I work in, or by glancing out at the retention ponds.

Today, there was a very manic looking Snowy Egret along the western edge of the large courtyard pond. I am not sure what he hoped to find, as facilities ruthlessly “manages” the pond with herbicides and other chemicals. I think if he didn’t hang around long, he’ll escape any lasting damage.

The bird celebrities on the work campus here are the mated Sandhill Cranes that call the front landscaping/retention pond home. The female had a single egg a couple of weeks ago, and it was cool to see her sitting on it, sometimes napping with her head tucked under her wing. The male was always foraging nearby. But something has happened to the egg. The nest is bare and both male and female are again foraging together. A co-worker did see some.. ‘hem.. “amorous” activity the other day, so perhaps another egg is due soon.


Sandhill Crane pair at a nearby location

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