Hey, guess what?

I have an announcement!


As part of my efforts to expand the reach of my blog, I’ve now activated my domain, lonelybirder.org!

“Hey everyone, check it out!”

The former wordpress.com address should redirect to the new one, so there’s no need to change your bookmarks or whatever, if you don’t want to. Any ads at the bottom of my blog posts should now be gone, also!

Stay tuned for more birding!

“OMG I am so happy!”



Some Odds and Ends

  • This blog has been going for one year now!
  • The Sandhill Cranes are nesting again. I saw momma crane on a nest with 2 eggs. She’s nesting up on the bank of the landscaping pond because the unusually wet weather has kept the pond level above her preferred nesting site.
  • I’m mirroring this blog on WordPress (lonelybirder.wordpress.com) to see how it goes over there. It’s not a simple as Tumblr but more flexible.