Beach Day!

I spent a lovely afternoon with my wife and my mother-in-law at a local beach today. The usual shore birds were present: Sanderlings, Ruddy Turnstones, and Willets. The Willets, of course, are in winter plumage.

photo winter-willet1.jpg
Winter Willet.

photo winter-willet2.jpg
Typical Willet foraging posture.

Most of the Brown Pelicans I saw today were staying quite a bit offshore. Pelicans can appear ponderous, especially while sitting on the water’s surface, but in flight they are surprisingly graceful.

photo brown-pelican1.jpg

photo brown-pelican2.jpg
I still think “graceful as a pelican” has a ways to catch on, though.

While enjoying the beach and the birds, there was some other flight activity going on to our south.

photo black-diamond-jet-team-three-planes-2.jpg
Birds of a different feather!

The Black Diamond Jet Team was practicing for this coming weekend’s air show! We watched them do some various maneuvers in groups and individually.

photo black-diamond-jet-team-one-plane.jpg
Black Diamond Jet Team Aero L-39 Albatros.

The birds seemed pretty indifferent to their airspace being shared by these loud metal contraptions.

photo sanderling-resting.jpg
Sanderling is not impressed.

Here’s a good look at the winter plumage of a Laughing Gull, many of which were walking along the beach.

photo laughing-gull-winter3.jpg
Laughing Gull showing off its winter wardrobe.

As the tide came in more people arrived at the beach to surf and swim, most of the birds flew off. The impromptu air show ended, and even the Coast Guard called it a day.

photo coast-guard.jpg
Time to head to port.