Blue-crowned Conures

My wife and I had two unexpected parrot encounters today. The first was a small flock of parrots that flew past the car while we were waiting in traffic. I didn’t get a good enough look at them for identification.

When we got to our destination, two parrots flew into a tree nearby (where I took this photograph). It took a bit of web and field guide research to determine these are Blue-crowned Conures (the small flock was likely the same species). I saw them last year near the Post Office (along US 1). The small flock was seen not far from the Post Office, and this photograph was taken just a mile or so north of there. I’ve heard there is a nesting colony beachside of the causeway, but I don’t know if these are the same birds or not.

Blue Crowned Conures!

Now and again I’ve seen Monk Parakeets (Quaker Parrots) here in town, but sometimes when I am near the lagoon or beachside, I’ve noticed some parrots that I have previously been unable to identify. Today, whlie running a lunch-time errand, I saw a flock of Blue Crowned Conures near the Post Office. These are not listed on the ABA list, but should I include them on my life list? I’d welcome suggestions from anyone following or reading the blog. If so, my 2013 year list hits 120.