End of Summer 2017 Outtakes

Autumn has “officially” started, at least in the astronomical sense. The effects of Hurricane Irma on our area parks are continuing to be dealt with, and the shorter days will eventually lead to cooler temperatures (although the heat index was near 100 this week). Here are several photos taken the second half of this Summer that never made their way into the blog.

Willet resting on the beach at Indialantic, FL.
Immature Royal Tern at Indialantic, FL.
Sanderling (and Ruddy Turnstones) at Juan Ponce de Leon Landing.
Immature Purple Gallinule (alternate view) at Orlando Wetlands Park.
Young Roseate Spoonbill at the Melbourne-Tillman Canal, Palm Bay, FL.


I’ve already had my first birding adventure of the Fall. Stay tuned for that, coming soon!

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