Domestic Tranquility

Here are some recent photos taken of the local domestic and feral domestic waterfowl at Veteran’s Memorial Park, in The Villages, FL.

All the Mallards there have been “officially” classified as domestic or hybrids, according to the ABA and eBird.

Another telltale trait of domestic-type Mallards is size. Mallards with domestic genes are usually noticeably larger than wild Mallards. This duck was quite large.

Of course, there usually are the typical white ducks and geese, too.

Typical domestic goose. I love all birds, but to be honest, that mean look isn’t just coincidence. Geese can be mean (but probably not as mean as swans)!

The local “established feral” Muscovy Ducks have also bred with the Mallards, resulting in some interestingly patterned ducks.

Note the subtle head patterning on the second duck from the left. That cinnamon shaded duck was stunning! A “typical” white domestic duck and a hybrid round out the crew.


I am pretty sure this one is a Mallard-Muscovy-Domestic Duck!

While this parade of semi-domestic ducks swam by, several groups of Black-bellied Whistling Ducks (totaling over 50 birds), newly arrived and taking a rest, watched from a safe distance.

These Black-bellied Whistling Ducks were looking on at the locals like disapproving parents at a KISS show (ask your parents. Or grandparents).

The domestic/feral waterfowl may not be “officially” countable, but I love ducks and geese, so even these guys have a warm place in my heart.

A Photogenic Muscovy Duck.


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