There is no weekend blog update for this past Sunday. I slept in and gave myself some needed rest. There are a few things I would like to note.

First, if you haven’t checked out Laura Erickson’s blog lately, have a look. She’s a very passionate conservationist, and her take on the bunker oil spill in Galveston Bay can be found here:

You can also read her review of the movie “A Birder’s Guide to Everything”, which I have not seen yet. Sounds good though:

Over at the 10,000 Birds Blog, Corey Finger has a short post about a not-bird he recently encountered:

I had to laugh at this one, because (as I am sure many of my fellow birders can relate) I am often talking about the “stump bird” or “trash bird” or “leaf bird” that tricked me into thinking I’d seen a Whip-poor-will or a Snowy Owl or a Marsh Wren (respectively). I have to say, Corey’s not-bird is among the “best” I’ve seen.

In “local” birding news, the Sandhill Crane family is doing well as of this morning. The chicks are growing like the proverbial weeds. I may try to get some new photos later on. I also saw a “FOY” Swallow-tailed Kite on Friday.

That’s about all I have for fillers this morning. I hope you can have a fine day.

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