Scientists Meet About Status of Elusive Bird

Experts met last week at Savannah National Wildlife Refuge, in South Carolina, to share information about the Black Rail (Laterallus jamaicensis) – a secretive bird that for many represents one of the “Holy Grails” of North American birding. Seen by few and studied by fewer still, its status is poorly known and feared to be tenuous. It is not known if the dramatic losses in the mid-Atlantic region in recent years extend to the south Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Participants reviewed methods most likely to give good answers.

The workshop was led by The Center for Conservation Biology and supported by USFWS Migratory Birds.

find out more here

(via: USFWS_Migratory Birds)

This piques my interest in part because one of the field trips I am going on at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival this coming January is to see Black Rails. In a small way, maybe we can help answer some of these questions

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