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Nice! I live in Lexington. Did you move for college? And perhaps, but I haven’t been birding long so I don’t have a sense of what fall migration should be like. It could have felt quiet to me because I’m too inexperienced to see everything out there.

I left for graduate school in 1996 and eventually made my way to Florida. As I recall, fall in the northeast can tend to be somewhat quiet, in that by October most of the migrants have already left. But you should be getting some birds – like titmice, chickadees and nuthatches – beginning their loose winter flocks, and as the weather gets bleaker, if you keep some feeders stocked (if that’s an option for you), you get lots of winter residents stocking up on bonus meals. Keep an eye to your field guide and the range maps to see what might still be lurking around your neck of the woods.

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