Crane Family Miracle

A potent thunderstorm moved through our area last night, dumping several inches of rain and with wind gusts over 30mph. I was worried about the Sandhill Cranes where I work and their single chick and unhatched egg. 

This morning, I noticed the pond was filled up and the nest site was inundated with water. I scanned around and saw the two adult cranes foraging in the grass. At first I didn’t see the chick and feared the worst. But then I saw the little one between its parents and thought, “Well, at least the chick made it.” I felt pretty bad about the egg.

When my wife came to pick me up, we saw the crane family was foraging near the parking lot and what did we spy?

What’s this?

A close inspection found not just one chick, but two! Yes, apparently the other egg must have hatched some time yesterday. My wife was driving so she pulled off so I could get some closer pictures.

“Say hello to my little sister (or brother)!”

I got some adorable close-ups before Poppa Crane VERY LOUDLY announced his displeasure at us paparazzi invading family time.

Adorable crane chicks.

Can you believe it?

Here’s to a great summer for the crane family as they rear 2 beautiful babies! 

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