True Story

The exciting life of a birder and his wife.

She: Hey, there’s a bird on the wire outside.
Me: (Mildly interested) Oh, yeah? Cool.
She: Well, it’s probably just a pigeon or a dove (not convinced).
Me: (Looks.) Hey! That’s not a dove. It’s a flycatcher of some kind!
She: Cool!
Me: Can you hand me my binoculars?
She: Yeah, hang on. (Rummaging.) I’m trying to get it, I promise
Me: No problem. Hey, I think it’s singing. I could open the window
She: (Handing me the binoculars.) That window will probably scare it away.
Me: Well, maybe. (Opens window.)
Window: ScccrreeEEEEE!
Bird: (Silent.)
Me: Well, it hasn’t left.
Bird: (Darts out and catches a bug. Lands on a tree.)
Me: Cool! Well, at first I thought it was an Eastern Kingbird, but it’s too gray and I don’t think it’s big enough.
She: Hm.
Me: (Gets a better look) Hm. (Watches bird a bit more through binoculars.)
Cat: (Watches intently.)
Me: (Walks to sofa and grabs field guide, sits down.) Hm.. let see. Smallish flycatcher, weak wing-bars, no eye-ring. No tail bobbing. It’s an Eastern Wood-pewee!
She: Cool! Is that a new bird?
Me: Not a lifer, but first this year, and in a while! Thanks babe!
She: o/ Yay!

True story. Hey, it’s exciting to ME! 😉


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