Gone With the Wind!

It was a wild day at Turkey Creek Sanctuary today. The NWS had posted high wind warnings in anticipation of a gusty cold front about to pass through our area. I didn’t get very many bird pictures with my new camera. It was just too windy!

The morning started out breezy and ended up crazy! I managed to have a pretty good time of it, though. I managed to dodge the pelting palm fronds, and getting bushwhacked by some sort of sedgy grass things at one point was fun.

I also took out the new camera (see last post) and managed a few test shots. I don’t have an SD card yet (local shops were out of class 10 cards).

I did the Sand Pine Ridge Trail first, since that area would be harder to do once the winds picked up. I immediately got some nice views of a White-eyed Vireo, as well a the usual Northern Cardinals and a Downy Woodpecker. From there I went to the boardwalk loop.


Boadwalk section at Tukey Creek Sanctuary

I didn’t have much luck along the boardwalk, except for a pair of Northern Parulas (a male and a female) and by then the wind had already started to pick up. At the canoe deck I practiced with the camera and caught this cutie down below:


A soft-shelled turtle!

There’s a nice sandy trail off the canoe deck called “McKinnon’s Way” that is usually pretty fun.


Some transitional vegetation near McKinnon’s Way


Overlooking the creek from McKinnon’s Way. This is where some sort of sedge stuff tried to beat me up!

More of my adventure in part 2!

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